Shoe wear products

We import Sidas Group shoe wear products and know-how and have Sidas distributors everywhere in Finland. Sidas makes high-quality, high-tech orthotics for everyday life and demanding sports. Sidas Medical orthotics solutions are customized to your exact needs by means of an accurate foot analysis with world’s leading analysis and communications equipment.


FysioProVita is a modern physiotherapy centre. We are specialised in treating musculoskeletal diseases with physiotherapy and active training. We are offering physiotherapy from preventive and acute phases to rehabilitation. All of our treatments are based on accurate personal body analysis and serve personal needs. The body analysis gives us the information needed to determine the right treatments for every individual.

Health and Fittness

Our gym offers a perfect opportunity to start exercising safely in the guidance of physiotherapists and personal trainers. Our gym has a wide range of gym equipment manufactured by David, and we also have a group room for activities such as Pilates and stretching. Our Personal Training is health coaching, which is tailored to each individual. The emphasis is on physical exercise and nutrition coaching.
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Specialist doctors

In case you need special consultancy, we can organise it with Finland's leading doctors specialised in surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology.


High quality fitness center with a good community feeling. Our gym has a comprehensive range of DAVID machines, a well equipped free weight training area and a space for stretching. At our fitness center you are able to start training or rehabilitate yourself safely. You can have a physiotherapeutical examination done and thereby have a gym training program made for yourself. You can also train and have a gym program done with a Personal Trainer. Our gym offers small group training (max. 8 prs/group) weekdays from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm. Weekends 10 am to 1pm. Our gym cards do not require a longterm commitment.   You are able to purchase gymnastic balls, elastic bands etc. for training at home. We also sell Leader brand proteindrinks and protein bars.  

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