October, 2014


Voice massage -occlusion therapy helps!

Other benefits of voice massage:
– General relaxation method
– Removes muscle tension
– Facilitates inhalation, swallowing and speaking
– Support treatment for speech and sound therapy
– Repairs breathing failures

Price: 50€ / 45min (normal price: 61€)

Offer valid until 30.11.2014
You can use this offer only once.

Use nutrition coaching to avoid getting sick in autumn!

Body composition analyzer tells you what your body is made of and nutrition coaching what it needs. Now you can get these two services at the same price!

This offer includes one 60-minute appointment with a personal trainer. During the appointment you’ll have:

– Body composition measurements
– Personal trainer analyses the results
– Nutrition program based on the results
– General tips and advices about healthy nutrition

Price: 90€ (normal price: 119€)

Offer is valid until 15.11.2014.