February, 2015

Take part in our dude workout group

We are searching for four participants in our dude workout group. The group is suitable for men, who want to lift weights correctly, enhance their muscle mass and be in a better shape. The group includes:

–       Workouts, that enhances your strength, muscle mass and condition

–       Mobility training to support your everyday life

–       A loan towel and prode+ recovery drink after each workout

Workouts are once a week and the group starts when four participants have signed up. You can sign up in FysioProVita’s reception or by email to mikko.vesterinen@fysioprovita.fi

Price: 199€/month

It’s always better to workout with a friend!

Bring your friend as our customer and you will get more time added to your gym card.

You will receive one month extra added to your card, when your friend buys a minimum 3 month gym card.

The campaign is valid through 2.2. – 31.3.2015. The campaign requires that the friend is a new customer at our gym, and you yourself already have a valid gym card.