May, 2015


Welcome to celebrate with us FysioProVitas 10th anniversary  Saturday 23rd of May, 2015.
The event will be held at FysioProVitan  and its surroundings Helsinki.

The program:

Klo.12: 00 Bailamama, with physiotherapist Sanna Weurlander

Klo.13: 00 Body Maintenance, with Personal trainer  Mikko Vesterinen

Klo.14: 00 Bungy Pump,  with a physiotherapist

Klo.15: 00 Yoga, Instructor  Merja Parikka

Register for classes at by 15.05.2015 at the latest.

During opening hours, 9-16: 30, we will have a health shotbar and some healthy snacks.
Free of charge body composition measurements and PressCam foot-analyzes.

In honor of our birthday, there will have some good deals, come visit us!

Music by our musical receptionists, Janne and Vivien!

HEALTH IS ACTIONS! Come and spend a nice day with us and to celebrate 10 years of wellness in Helsinki!