December, 2015

Stadi Fit greetings and schedule for open doors!

Hi ProVita Members!

As you may have seen over the last week and a half, we from Stadi Fit High Performance and Health have joined Fysio Provita to offer our coaching services and expand what is available to you under the same roof. We appreciate your patience during the renovation periods; the main changes are now complete. We therefore would now like to introduce ourselves and offer the opportunity for you to get to know what we are offering and how the new layout works.

Who we are?

Stadi Fit High Performance and Health is company focused on delivering high quality health and fitness coaching in both small groups (using the CrossFit format among other styles) and one on one. Our coaching style is available to all levels of experience and we offer small group (8 people or less) movement training coaching (CrossFit and functional training format), including the specialty 50+ and teens groups, nutritional coaching, running coaching and post­physiotherapy rehabilitation support. Our coaching philosophy Our focus is on coaching quality movement and providing support for a quality life and athletic performance. Working with natural movements that the human body should be able to perform in daily life, our aim is to coach, step by step, functionally applicable movement including identifying blocks or limitations. For this reason, mobility coaching is a big part of what we offer. By working to restore full range of motion and removing painful areas, we are better able to move and perform properly.

Core Values:

1. People first – coaching people as individuals within a team

2. Community– everybody is recognized as an important part of our community

3. Honesty and personal responsibility ­ we stand behind what we do

4. Excellence – an obsession with innovation and quality as the foundation of Stadi Fit



Open doors 12.-13.12


Saturday 12.12 Stadi Fit:n coaches present klo.9 – ­14.

Klo.9.30 – ­10 ­ Kyykky workshop, Pienryhmä sali Miten kyykätä oikein? Simon

Klo.10­ – 10.30 ­ Lantion alueen liikkuvuus tunti , Pienryhmä sali (Simon)

Klo.11­ – 11.45 ­ Terve selkä ja polvi ­ tunti, Pienryhmä sali (Lucas)

Klo.12 – ­13 ­ Mobility ­ liikkuvuus tunti (All Coaches)

Klo.13 ­- 14 ­ CrossFit Basics ­ tunti (All Coaches)


Sunday 13.12 Stadi Fit:n coaches present klo.10­ – 14.

Klo.10­ – 11 ­ 50+ CrossFit tunti (All Coaches)

Klo.11­ – 11.45 ­ 70+ tunti (Ansku and Lucas)

Klo.12­ – 13 ­ Mobility ­ liikkuvuus tunti All Coaches

Klo.13­ – 14 ­ CrossFit Basics ­ tunti




fysioprovita stadifit logo

Program and schedule for group training

From the link below you can see the program and schedule for different group trainings at the gym:


Ask for more information about the trainings and how to sign up from our reception :)

Everyone are welcome to come to our open doors the 12.12 – 13.12 and get aquainted with the different group trainings!