AUTUMN YOGA COURSE sundays 18.9 – 20.11.2016

10x Flow Yoga Course


Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. It offers the powerful benefits of exercise. And since yoga is gentle, almost anyone can do it, regardless of your age or fitness level.


Yoga can help you:

  • Reduce your risk for injury. Each yoga pose targets specific muscles. This helps you increase your flexibility and reduce your risk for injury.
  • Reduce stress. Yoga can help soothe the mind and lower stress levels. It does this by focusing the mind on the moment and the movements.
  • Increase your concentration. A main part of yoga is rhythmic, focused breathing. This can help you focus.
  • Understand the mind and body connection. Yoga requires you to focus all your energy on each movement or pose exactly. This can help you feel the mind and body work together.
  • Improve balance and stability. Balancing poses require you to use your core muscles. This can help you improve your overall stability.
  • Improve posture. Yoga poses strengthen and open tight areas of the body like the shoulders and muscles of the upper back. This can help you keep good posture.
  • Develop body awareness. Yoga requires you to contract or relax specific muscles as you stretch into each pose. This can help you become more aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses.
10x Yoga 60min

10x Yoga 60min


Time is spent breaking down Sun Salutations and other poses fundamental to the Vinyasa practice. We will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. We will be flowing 10 times.
The Course will be held on sundays 18.9 – 20.11.2016 at 15-16 at the Stadi Fit Health Centre (Bulevardi 54) lead by our RYT-200 Yoga teacher Elina Gustafsson

Take part in our dude workout group

We are searching for four participants in our dude workout group. The group is suitable for men, who want to lift weights correctly, enhance their muscle mass and be in a better shape. The group includes:

–       Workouts, that enhances your strength, muscle mass and condition

–       Mobility training to support your everyday life

–       A loan towel and prode+ recovery drink after each workout

Workouts are once a week and the group starts when four participants have signed up. You can sign up in FysioProVita’s reception or by email to

Price: 199€/month

Sidas Insoles for a Father’s Day present!

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day!

Come buy Sidas Insoles as a gift from FysioProVita.

Dynamic insoles support and bring comfort to the step.

Our range of insoles include insoles for dress shoes, sports shoes and leisure shoes!
All Sidas Sport insoles for 50 €!
(7 Day Exchange Policy when you buy the insoles by the 09.11.2014).


Voice massage -occlusion therapy helps!

Other benefits of voice massage:
– General relaxation method
– Removes muscle tension
– Facilitates inhalation, swallowing and speaking
– Support treatment for speech and sound therapy
– Repairs breathing failures

Price: 50€ / 45min (normal price: 61€)

Offer valid until 30.11.2014
You can use this offer only once.

Use nutrition coaching to avoid getting sick in autumn!

Body composition analyzer tells you what your body is made of and nutrition coaching what it needs. Now you can get these two services at the same price!

This offer includes one 60-minute appointment with a personal trainer. During the appointment you’ll have:

– Body composition measurements
– Personal trainer analyses the results
– Nutrition program based on the results
– General tips and advices about healthy nutrition

Price: 90€ (normal price: 119€)

Offer is valid until 15.11.2014.

Body Maintenance Group at FysioProVita in october-november!

Body maintenance is important in order to maintain our physical ability. In our Body Maintenance Group you will learn a variety of methods to the care of your body under the guidance of a personal trainer.

The package includes 6 meetings of a 5-8 persons group, as well as body maintenance programs and tips for your own training.

Price: 210 € / person

Register for the group at FysioProVita’s front desk or by sending an email to

Registration ends the 30th of October 2014 and the group is held if at least 5 have registered.

Meetings take place on weekdays. Exact dates and times will be agreed upon with the registered people in the beginning of October.

Contact us and ensure your body’s functioning today!


Corporate package – to your exact needs

Prevention of health problems especially back problems is worthwhile. Musculoskeletal disorders are the main reason for absences from work. More than 30% from people at work are suffering from backache. Physical condition is important and by improving it the satisfaction in work improves as well. Contact us and have offer that is suitable for your company

FysioProVita provides a holistic partnership to increase the activity and wellness of your staff. Healthier and more energetic employees enjoy working more and bring better results.

We offer different packages that include for example following services:
  • Different corporate and member alternatives
  • Physiotherapy
  • Personal Training
  • Tests
  • Corporate sessions
  • Small groups
  • Tailored services

Ready-made packages could look like this:

1. Corporate package 1

  • Start test
  • 2 x PT ( gym guidance, training program, nutrition program)
  • End test
  • 3-month gym membership
  • /10 persons
  • 4890€

2. Corporate workout package 2

  • Tailored workout package
  • 5-8 persons
  • Spring/Autumn  -seasons
  • n. 15 times
  • 2490€

3. Corporate package 3

  • 3 x 60 min physiotherapy
  • Gym program creation and guidance
  • 379€

Contact today and let’s tailor a package to your exact needs: info(a)