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Annmarie Lindfors kapea

Annmarie Lindfors

Operations Manager, Sidas Medical Product Manager

Background: I work at FysioProVita as the Sidas Medical Product Manager. My work consists of importing, marketing and sales of Sidas Medical dynamic insoles. I studied a bachelors degree  in Sports Management at Université de Rouen in France.

I have always been active in sports and competed in horseback riding.  I have worked as an office assistant and in sales for several years.  At FysioProVita I am able to combine my two passions, sports and business.

Motto: "Be brave, Take risks, Nothing can substitute experience".

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, French

Email: annmarie.lindfors(a)

Telephone: +358 (0) 40 708 02 45

    Simone Kallonen

    Simone Kallonen


    Physiotherapist, specializing in OMT

    Special skills: I started my studies in OMT specialization in January 2014. The OMT training is to deepen the knowledge of musculoskeletal problems for testing, treatment and prevention.

    Background: I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2011. I have worked as a physiotherapist in both the public and the private sector. My interest in physiotherapy rose in the past because of my own sports injuries. When I was young I was told to put an end to competitive sports due to my injuries. However with the help of good physiotherapy was able to rehabilitate myself to my previous condition. I then decided that I wanted to help others in the same way affected by musculoskeletal problems. In my youth my hobbies included athletics, football, floorball and dancing. Today, I take sports more relaxed and am only compete in floorball.
    The best thing about the physiotherapists' occupation is the continuous evolution. I'm excited about the challenges that each day brings.

    Motto: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

    Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

    E-mail: simone.kallonen(a)

      Physical therapists

      Antonio Bombino kapea

      Antonio Bombino

      Physiotherapist, Sidas specialist

      Skills: Physiotherapy for joint and mobilisation tissue disorders, post-operative rehabilitation for post back, knee and shoulder surgeries, rehabilitation physiotherapy for sports injuries, gym practise.

      Languages: Finnish, English, Italian.

      Email: antonio.bombino(a)

        Sanna Weurlander kapea

        Sanna Weurlander

        Physiotherapist, pelvic floor physiotherapist, nurse

        Skills: Physiotherapist (AMK), pelvic floor physiotherapist, studies in sport medicine, kinesio taping treatment, bachelor of nursing (anesthesia and operation theater), IWRF classifier (level 2).

        Background: I am Sanna Weurlander and am a physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation. I have worked in health care since 2005, first as a nurse within orthopaedics and neurology, both in private and public sector. As a former sportswoman I have irresistible interest towards holistic health and wellbeing. In my free time I work actively with sports for the disabled.

        At my reception I focus on body balance and control, and releasing the muscle tensions in pelvic floor as well as improving the movement control. I use EMG (elektromygrafia) as part of my pelvic floor analysis and training. EMG also allows bio recovery training at our gym! The importance of pelvic floor muscles with sports and active lifestyle is absolutely vital and I am happy to give public lectures on the topic or we can arrange one at our facilities. You can reach me best on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

        Motto: "Motivation is our driving force"

        Languages: Finnish, English.

        Email: sanna.weurlander(a)


          Juha Holttinen

          Physiotherapist, Sidas-professional

          Skills: Podiatry physiotherapy, lower limb analysis, lower limb rehabilitation, Sidas insoles.

          Background: My name is Juha Holttinen and I have worked as a physiotherapist at FysioProVita since 2012. My specialty is podiatry physiotherapy. I make lower limb analysis (studying posture when standing, squatting, walking and running). Based on the results I design a rehabilitation program, and when needed, I also tailor-make Sidas insoles for the customer.

          I have got a degree of physiotherapy in Tampeere year 1989. I specialised into podiatry physiotherapy mid 90's at Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu. I have updated my know-how and knowledge about lower limb regularly on yearly courses.

          I inititally interested in lower limb physiotherapy when I joined Valetin Kononen's support team year 1993  (-95 WC in 50 km). I worked as one of his physiotherapist all the way till year 2000.

          I have been an active sportsman and competitor in pole vault until 1993. My record is 526 cm.

          Motto:"Happy feet, happy people, happy environment."

          Languages: Finnish, English.

          Email: juha.holttinen(a)



            Saila Dahlqvist-Pompeo kapea

            Saila Dahlqvist-Pompeo

            Physiotherapist, Voice Massage -therapist

            Skills: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, pre and post operative physiotherapy, gym training, exercise therapy, group training, Voice Massage therapist, NLP practitioner.

            I have worked at FysioProVita since 2009.

            Motto: "A change today is a result tomorrow. It's never too late."

            Languages: Finnish, English, Italian.

            Email: saila.dahlqvist(a)



              Other specialists


              Heikki Tikkanen

              LT, dos., specialist doctor of sports and clinical physiology, Chief doctor at Helsingin Urheilulääkäriasema


                Kaartinen Esko

                Specialist doctor of orthopaedics, Chief doctor at Eiran sairaala


                  Tapio Kallio

                  Specialist doctor of orthopaedics and sports science


                    Peter Pippingsköld

                    Kirurgian, ortopedian ja traumatologian erikoislääkäri.