Personal Training


Personal Training is health coaching, which is tailored to each individual. This method spreads health and wellness to all areas of everyday life. The emphasis is on physical exercise and nutrition coaching. It typically consists of training sessions according to tailored program with your own coach, as well as instructions given to your daily life.
A personal trainer will help you to find suitable and realistic goals and to support in achieving them. Goals may include reducing weight, improving muscle tone, building strength, or just generally improving health and wellbeing. This is achieved by carrying out regular training sessions with a personal trainer and following individually made exercise and nutrition program. Your own activity and motivation is in a key role.

Provita’s personal trainers are professionals. Their coaching takes into account customers’ specific characteristics and requirements. Coaching will be tailored to each customer personally, and it takes into account, for example, any illnesses, support and musculoskeletal disorders, age, pregnancy, etc. Coaches also work in co-operation with Provita’s physiotherapists and doctors, so they have an extensive support network for taking account various musculoskeletal rehabilitation needs.

The core idea of personal training is to motivate the client to exercise and eat right, not to force to do so. Training is carried out carefully listening to the customer’s wishes and needs. Exercise and nutrition programs are created to suit customers’ everyday life. The aim is that after each session the customer becomes more aware of her/his own health.

There is a possibility to choose coaching for two or three people at the same time. In this option everyone has personalized program and goals but the exercises are done together. This enables goal-oriented personal trainer assisted sessions with a friend or a family member.

In addition, there is a possibility for a small group training of 4-6 people. You can join in a small group or create a group yourself. A personal trainer plans the exercises and holds the training sessions. Exercises could typically include circuit training, battery training, combination training and functional training. Participants won´t get individual training- or nutrition programs but they will get training and nutrition tips during the sessions.